Floral Favorites Collection

Floral Favorites Collection

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Celebrate your love of flowers with these best-selling floral favorites! These sweet and romantic scents are a classic choice; ranging from light, sun-kissed spring blossoms to velvety and intoxicating decadence.

Fragrant bouquets of freshly opened garden roses, wild jasmine vines, lily of the valley, and lavender blossoms conjure images of summer garden parties and vibrant floral shops. A great choice for every day, or when you are feeling as soft and sensual as a fresh flower.

This collection set includes one 1/8 ounce bottle of each of the following scents:

Honeysuckle Rose
A sweet burst of heavenly summer nectar! Rich, warm floral notes combine with intoxicating vanilla, warm honey, and ripe citrus.

African Gardenia
A feminine, complex floral with soft notes of violet, ylang ylang, and honeysuckle that carries you to a lush gardenia grove.

Lavender Lace
Clean and fresh with an embracing touch of sweetness, this classic scent is complimented with notes of bergamot and vanilla.

Lily of the Valley
This enchanting spring woodland floral is fresh and green with notes of moss, lilac, and sweet orange blossom.

Each fragrance oil comes in an 1/8 oz bottle with a glass rollerball.