Calendula Coconut Oil

Calendula Coconut Oil

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Pure • Healing • Handmade

Calendula is anti-inflammatory, stimulates cell growth & has healing properties.
It is soothing to the skin.

Use daily to moisturize and revitalize.
Rub it on, as it melts into your skin let your body succumb to the silken texture & delectable scent. Coconut oil changes from solid to liquid above 76 ̊ & crystalizes into beautiful forms as it cools. It can be refrigerated or gently warmed before use.
Not latex friendly • Sediment is natural • Liquefies at 76°

Ingredients: ♥Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil infused with ♥&✱Calendula officinalis flowers.

♥ = Certified Organic
✱ = Ethically Farmed

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