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Herbal Care Travel Kit

Herbal Care Travel Kit

Gentle • Safe • Effective

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This Salve Travel Set is a great way to carry all of your favorite Herbal Care & Comfort with you! They offer a wide variety of soothing actions: from our versatile, tried and true Herbal Salve formula to long-time customer favorite Sprain & Strain to relaxing and rejuvenating Breathe Deep. This travel size is a great way to carry herbal comfort in your pocket or purse!

This collection set includes one 1/3 oz travel size jar of each of our Herbal Care & Comfort Salves:

Herbal Salve
For skin irritations, itching, rashes, bug bites, minor wounds and burns.

Sprain & Strain
A comforting salve, perfect for massaging sore muscles and ligaments.

Tender Tendon
A supportive salve for massaging into stressed or overused tendons and joints.

Joint Support
A must for sore, stiff and inflamed joints.

Breathe Deep
A calming and refreshing salve to support clear, deep breathing.

Scar Care
To help improve the appearance of new and old scars as well as dark spots and discoloration.

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