Happy Jade Gift Set

Happy Jade Gift Set

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This bestselling CBD topical combines five powerful herbal infusions with a complementary blend of essential oils and 150 mg of CBD per ounce. Wildcrafted St. John’s wort, pinyon, and chaparral soothe and calm while essential oils of boswellia and buddha wood ground and open the spirit. These effective botanical ingredients work together to encourage relaxation and a happy, active lifestyle. Certified THC free.

Optimize your healing by massaging Happy Salve with a naturally beautiful Southern Jade Gua Sha. Southern Jade balances and harmonizes the heart chakra to assist in emotional healing and protection. This ancient tool helps with product absorption and supports lymphatic movement and circulation. 

A perfect gift for someone you want to send happiness and balance!

This set includes:

Specially packaged in an organza bag.