Glass bottle with Tiger's Eye gemstone rollerball | .33 fl oz | 10mL
Glass bottle with Tiger's Eye gemstone rollerball | .33 fl oz | 10mL
Glass bottle with gemstone rollerball | .33 fl oz | 10mL
Ingredient Education- Pinon: clean earthy aroma, encourages healthy respiration, naturally antiseptic.
Ingredient Education- Himalayan Cedar: relieves tension and worries, warm woodsy aroma, supports meditative practices.
Ingredient Education- Vetiver: rich earthy aroma, promotes restful sleep, relieves nervousness and tension.
Ingredient Education- Oud: evocative, complex, and woody. Naturally long lasting aromatic. Promotes centeredness.
Ingredient Education- Vanilla Bean: softening effect on emotions,. Warm, delicious, and alluring scent.

Tiger's Eye Empower

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Courage • Strength • Protection

Velvet horizons touch warm earth.
Arise as sun-kissed trees, rooted in power and elegance. Textured by smoke and leather.

Tiger’s eye is known to support courage, focus energy, and promote a positive outlook. Rich, deep notes of oud and labdanum resonate with bright pinyon and cedar to create a warm and evocative aroma. This elixir has a base of organic coconut oil infused with tiger’s eye gemstones and pinyon resin to enhance empowerment. Enjoy as an effective aromatherapy and elegant fragrance, and treasure this unique and beautiful gemstone.

.33 fl oz | 10mL | glass bottle with gemstone rollerball
To Use: Roll onto skin, delight your senses, and align with the intention of Empowerment.

Made With The Finest Organic & Wildcrafted Botanical Ingredients

Ingredients: Certified Organic Coconut Mct Oil, Himalayan Cedarwood Oil, Vetiver Oil, Amyris Oil, Agarwood (Oud) Oil, Silver Fir Oil, Cardamom Oil, Sage Co2 Extract, Pinyon Resin, Vanilla Bean, Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Essence.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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