Amethyst Tranquility elixir with amethyst rollerball and natural amethyst mala necklace

Amethyst Tranquility Mala Gift Set

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Set your intention with this beautiful pair of amethyst treasures!

Amethyst soothes the nervous system, balances mental function, and encourages deep sleep.

Our Amethyst Tranquility is a divine elixir with a genuine Amethyst rollerball. It is infused with delicate lavender flowers, rich vanilla beans, and amethyst gemstones to enhance Tranquility. Sensuous, earthy vetiver relaxes and restores, while cedarwood calms the mind and encourages a meditative state. Use as elegant fragrance and effective aromatherapy.

Deepen your relaxation by wearing a genuine amethyst mala! This gorgeous necklace is 24" inch long and made with 6 mm amethyst and rudraksha seed beads. A 3 inch silk tassel drapes from the bottom.