Earthy Sophistication Collection

Earthy Sophistication Collection

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These fragrances are inspired by thick old growth forests, deep roots growing in rich dirt, and fresh ferns. Sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss bring you back to nature and wrap you in the elegant scent of Mother Earth.

This collection set includes one 1/8 ounce bottle of each of the following scents:

Water Goddess
A divine and sensual blend with grounded sandalwood, fresh water, and soft spice inspiring confidence and connection.

Amber & Sandalwood
Spiced black tea with sweet jasmine and leathery labdanum creates a sanctifying, universally appealing scent.

Tunisian Patchouli
An exceptional patchouli, clean and rich with notes of sweet orange and balsam that warm the heart and ground the spirit.

Each fragrance oil comes in an 1/8 oz bottle with a glass rollerball.