1/8 oz bottles of Persian Garden, Egyptian Musk, Tunisian Opium, and Oriental Musk fragrance oils with pink and red flowers

Exotic Elegance Collection

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Mysterious and transportive, these popular scents take you on a rich, multidimensional sensory journey along the Silk Road between East Asia, Persia, Arabia, and India! Alluring amber and potent resins are softened with sweet, sensual florals.

This collection set includes one 1/8 ounce bottle of each of the following scents:

Persian Garden
Light and alluring like a blooming garden after spring rain with notes of warm florals, fresh air, and white amber.

Egyptian Musk
Light and sensual, this universally appealing scent transports you to distant lands with notes of fresh water and sanctifying sandalwood.

Tunisian Opium
A spicy majestic floral emboldened with indulgent woody notes, a moonlit adventure along an ancient shore.

Oriental Musk
An enchanting scent; clean and uplifting. Notes of ylang ylang and mimosa carry you to a romantic palace balcony at dusk.

Each fragrance oil comes in an 1/8 oz bottle with a glass rollerball.