Amethyst Adornment Gift Set containing: One 10mL Intuition Gemstone Aromatherapy Roll-On, one Kuumba Energy Pendant, & one aquamarine gemstone.

Amethyst Adornment Gift Set

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Amethyst soothes the nervous system, balances mental function, and encourages deep, revitalizing sleep.

Amethyst Tranquility is a soothing elixir that transports you to a soft bed of moss in a quiet, whispering forest. A base of organic coconut oil is infused with delicate lavender flowers, rich vanilla beans, and amethyst gemstones to enhance Tranquility. Sensuous, earthy vetiver relaxes and restores, while cedarwood calms the mind and encourages a meditative state. Enjoy as effective aromatherapy and as an elegant fragrance.

Continue to enjoy your amethyst rollerball with a beautiful pendant handcrafted in the USA of solid bronze with a heavy plate of fine silver. Once your aromatherapy bottle is empty, simply remove the plastic top, pop out rollerball, and press into the pendant. Interchangeable with all five Gemstone Aromatherapy rollerballs, collect them all!

Our Kuumba Energy Pendent includes an energetic aquamarine sphere to relieve stress and bring you peace. 

This set includes:

Specially packaged in an organza bag.