Customer Favorites Collection
Customer Favorites Collection

Customer Favorites Collection

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Long adored by our customers, this gift set features our top three best-selling fragrance oils. If you're not sure which fragrances you like or if you're buying for someone else, this is a great place to start! Or perhaps one of these scents is a forever favorite of yours and you're just looking for a new scent to love. These three fragrance oils are time-tested classics that our customers can't get enough of!

This collection set is available in two sizes
1/8 oz bottles with glass rollerballs
1/2 oz square bottles

Each collection set includes one of each of the following scents:

Persian Garden
Calming and alluring with notes of warm florals, ocean air, and light amber. Like a blooming garden after a spring rain!

Egyptian Musk
Light and sensual, this universally appealing scent soothes the soul with notes of fresh water and sanctifying sandalwood.

Vanilla Bean
Soft, warm, and comforting. This delicious, irresistible scent is lightly sweet and truly intoxicating. Divine perfection!