Purify & Balance Routine

Purify & Balance Routine

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Facial Oils and Serums absorb best into clean, damp skin. They work in unison with our Facial Mists to replenish and protect the skin’s delicate moisture balance. Together our Facial Serums, Oils, and Mists support hydration, deep rejuvenation, and total skin harmony. 

Our Purify & Balance Routine is the essential face care routine to smooth, hydrate, and tone your skin. This set Includes:

  • One 36 mL Organic Balance Facial Serum
  • One 100 mL White Sage Facial Mist
  • One 36 mL Strawberry Facial Oil

Organic Balance Facial Serum is a fast-absorbing elixir that purifies pores and helps keep skin clear for a smoother, more balanced complexion. This concentrated treatment combines lightweight oils that even skin tone and fights the signs of aging with white willow infusion, naturally rich in salicylic acid. 

Our White Sage Facial Mist is a hydrating botanical toner with a fresh and herbaceous scent that is famously purifying and stabilizing. This soothing Facial Mist is gently astringent, cooling, and softening.

Lightweight Strawberry Facial Oil gently moisturizes, visibly plumps, and improves the appearance of fine lines. Its magic component is ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps to improve texture and brighten the skin.